Votive & Wax Melt Blended Wax 5LB

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Our custom blend offers you the best of both worlds.  This wax is an in-house blend we use to produce our votive’s and wax melts.  We love the crisp chocolate bar sound the wax gives off when you break the melts. It also shrinks perfectly to remove from molds and has a glossy professional finish.  All other sizes are packaged in 5 lb  bricks (50 lbs would be 10 bricks) so its easy to use in smaller portions. Blend of soy and palm wax no additional additives.

Melt Temperature – 150-160 degrees

Add fragrance / Essential Oils at 135-140

Pour between 130-135

Blend benefits:


  • beautiful Ivory look
  • excellent scent throw
  • 100% all natural product
  • perfect snap in a melt for your customer


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