Pick Up Stick -PUS440 Pickup Stick - 440mm/17" - Rigid Heddle 40cm (16")

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Add texture and visual appeal to weaving. Pick up threads behind your heddle with the pick up sticks to create different sheds.

Available in seven sizes:

PUS277 Pickup Stick - 227mm/11" - SampleIt Loom 25cm (10")
PUS367 Pickup Stick - 367mm/14.5" - Knitters Loom 30cm (12")
PUS415 Pickup Stick - 415mm/16" - SampleIt Loom 40cm (16")
PUS440 Pickup Stick - 440mm/17" - Rigid Heddle 40cm (16")
PUS567 Pickup Stick - 567mm/22" - Knitters Loom 50cm (20")
PUS640 Pickup Stick - 640mm/25" - Rigid Heddle 60cm (24")
PUS767 Pickup Stick - 767mm/30" - Knitters Loom 70cm (28")
PUS840 Pickup Stick - 840mm/33" - Rigid Heddle 80cm (32")

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