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We are one of the Canadian distributors for Cargil because we love this wax so much. It is a 100% natural soy wax without additives. This product comes in flake form for easy melting.  Compared to other soy waxes we find that C3 requires 2% less fragrance oil to obtain the same scent throw as their competitors.


       NatureWaxTM C-3 and C-6 HANDLING AND MELTING INSTRUCTIONS – CONTAINER CANDLES Step One: Melting of Wax – The wax should be heated to a temperature of 160 to 200°F (71.1 to 93.3°C) to melt the wax. Do not heat the wax above 200°F (93.3°C). If wax is held at higher temperatures for long periods of time, it will discolor. Always use a thermometer when melting the wax and never leave your heated wax unattended. While the wax is melting, stir the wax regularly to reduce localized heating of the wax. This will help to reduce burning of the wax while heating. Step Two: Adding of Ingredients (other than Scent and Dye) – Other additives or ingredients may be added at any time to help improve the performance of the wax. Step Three: Adding Candle Scent and Dye – The fragrances and dyes should be added to the wax after the wax is completely liquid. Make sure to stir the wax completely to ensure that the fragrances and dyes are completely mixed in. Step Four: Preparing the Wax for Pouring - After wax has been completely melted reduce the heat on the wax so that the wax cools to a temperature of 120 to 165°F (48.9 to 73.8°C). This will reduce cracking and discoloration of the wax after it has cooled. Pour Temperature should be matched to ambient room temperature recommendations in the table below for best results. Step Five: Pouring Candles – Make sure that the container is at room or slightly warmer before pouring the wax into the container. The wax should be poured in the container while the wax is 120 to 180°F (48.9 to 82.2°C) to reduce cracking and speed up the cure time of the wax. If the wax is to be left in melter overnight, the wax should be stored at a temperature of 130 to 145°F (54.4 to 62.8°C). Ambient Room Temperature Wax Pour Temperature 60 to 70°F (15.6 to 21.1°C) 170 to 180°F (76.7 to 82.2°C). 70 to 80°F (21.1 to 26.7°C) 160 to 170°F (71.1 to 76.7°C). 80 to 90°F (26.7 to 32.2°C) 145 to 155°F (62.8 to 68.3°C). Step Six: Curing of Candles – The candle should be allowed to cool and cure for at least 12 hours before the candle is burned. This will allow the crystals of the wax completely form giving a nice finish to the candle. Notes: • Maximum Recommended Fragrance – 6% • A 7 to 10% fragrance loads may be added with the addition of additives to help control the fragrance. • Candles over 3.5 inches in diameter may need to be double wicked to ensure full melt pool. • Works well with liquid or powdered dyes.


      NatureWax® C-3 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Proprietary blend of hydrogenated vegetable glycerides and non-hazardous ingredients APPLICATION Vegetable glycerides substitute for paraffin in wax applications PRODUCT NUMBERS COVERED 110021696 – NatureWax® C-3 Bulk 100087265 – NatureWax® C-3 Flake 100087266 – NatureWax® C-3 Flake HT (Heat Treated Pallets) TECHNICAL CHEMICAL / PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Chemical & Physical Analysis Minimum Typical Maximum UOM Method Color Red 2.0 AOCS Cc 13j-97 Free Fatty Acids as Oleic (282) 0.1 % AOCS Ca 5a-40 Peroxide Value 1.5 meq/kg AOCS Cd 8b-90 Mettler Dropping Point 124 127 130 °F AOCS Cc 18-80 POSSIBLE USES Candles: container candle wax, softener for pillar candles Other: paper cup coatings, stationery pencils, color pencils, ink ribbons, mold lubricant, textile finishes, sizing, cord lubricant, metal lubricant, adhesives, thermoplastics resin additive, leather dressing, crayons BIO-ENGINEERED STATUS The product(s) listed above are produced from non-identity preserved soybeans. Although genetically-engineered soybeans are used to produce our products, qualitative PCR test results for our NatureWax products have been ND (non-detectible). Further information is available upon request.

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