Freedom Roller 16"

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An additional front roller that attaches with ease and allows you the freedom to weave fabrics as thick as you want or as long as you want without affecting the weaving, making the rigid heddle even more versatile.

Whether you are weaving lengths of fabric for sewing, double width blankets, weaving multiple projects without cutting off between each one or weaving with super-size yarn you will love the new Freedom Roller.

The kit includes the additional front roller with clicker pawl, warpstick and ties. It attaches to your loom using the existing holes in the loom sides (these are pre-drilled in all our rigid heddle looms for the rigid heddle loom stand).

It is available in 3 widths
RHFR4 - 40cm (16)
RHFT6 - 60cm (24”)
RHFR8 - 80cm (32”)
RHFR12 - 120cm (48")

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