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12 x 12 Cardstock12 x 12 Cardstock
12 x 12 Cardstock
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12X12 Foil Board Cardstock, Gold
Bazzill Cardstock: 12''x12'' 9279 Bazzill Red
12X12 Foil Cardstock, Rose Gold12X12 Foil Cardstock, Rose Gold
12X12 Foil Cardstock, Rose Gold
Sale price$2.99
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12X12 Cardstock, Glitter Silk - Opulant Opal
12X12 Cardstock, PowGlitter, Gold12X12 Cardstock, PowGlitter, Gold
Bazzill Cardstock: 12''x12'' 9003 Petalsoft
12X12 Mono Cardstock, Quartz12X12 Mono Cardstock, Quartz
12X12 Classic Cardstock, Smooth White
12X12 Cardstock,Glitter Silk - Silver Mist12X12 Cardstock,Glitter Silk - Silver Mist
Bazzill Cardstock: 12''x12'' 9242 Starmist
12X12 Foil Cardstock, Hot Pink
12X12 Glitter Cardstock, Gold
12X12 Foil Board Cardstock, Silver12X12 Foil Board Cardstock, Silver
12X12 Foil Cardstock, Red
12X12 Foil Cardstock, Red
Sale price$2.99
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12X12 Classic Cardstock,  Kraft
12''x12'' Textura Select Cardstock- Black
12 x 12 Cardstock Smoothies Cardstock, Berry Sensation
Bazzill Cardstock: 12''x12'' Brown
Bazzill Cardstock: 12''x12'' Brown
Sale price$1.00
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12X12 Vellum, White 29lb12X12 Vellum, White 29lb
12X12 Vellum, White 29lb
Sale price$1.25
12X12 Mono Cardstock, Bazzill Green
12X12 Duo ToneGlitter Paper, Gold12X12 Duo ToneGlitter Paper, Gold
12x12 Glitter Carstock, Cricket
12X12 Classic Cardstock, Dark Kraft

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